Florence Bay, Magetic Island

I have committed myself to not buying any new clothing over the coming year. I find this a  challenge, I have always liked lovely clothing and this has not changed. What does change is as I get closer to the reality of a semi retirement, it is easier to do without. I have lots of clothing and access to my mothers vintage wardrobe. I wear this with pride and I frequently asked ''where did I get it from", it is always lovely to say it is my mothers. Quality clothing does not go out of style. I still purchase the occassional piece, but think carefully before I hand over the money.

Kevins love of clothing has increased, but in general he doesn't worry. One charity shop in Ludmilla, Darwin was especially good with great quality at a fraction of the price.  All of Kevins good shirts have came from there. We did a winter shopping stint in Melbourne after visiting my parents in Tasmania. The Winter clothing is being worn daily in Brisbane. We also visited the charity shops in Collins Street where Kevins suit was purchased for the Gangsters Ball in Darwin held every year at Berry Springs. by the Vintage car club. I was wearing a dress I purchased from Pink Hill fashion boutique Darwin. Pink Hill always have quality clothing by top designers.

We do shop in Kathmandu, Mountain designs and other outdoor retailers, only when a sale is on of course. As long as the price and quality are there, we are willing to consider a purchase if this item is needed.