I finished work on the Tuesday and the following morning at 8:00 am we were leaving Darwin, heading to Magnetic Island for a 7 week house sit. Along the way we collected beverage containers. In the NT and SA you receive 10c for any beverage container which displays the appropiate 10c refund. We have been collecting in Darwin for some time now, ever since we realised we were able to make reasonable money from the venture. We received $61 at the recycle center in Katherine.  In Darwin they will accept flattened cans, however in Katherine they do not. On arrival in Katherine we spent the night with our friend Kym. At 8am the following morning we were on our way, deciding not to collect containers as we didn't have the time. I think some serious money could be made between Darwin and Adelaide collecting containers. Who knows we may give it a go some day.


Kevin decided the car needed an oil change so the photo above shows him in the process. What it is to have a handy man on the road. We saw wirlies on the road as we drove with the wind and heat. It is dry out here and you do not want to break down, so ensure you always have plenty of water. We stopped at Three ways to camp at the caravan park.  Thankfully it had a pool which was a welcome relief after a day of driving. The next day will drove until about 8pm, making up some time. We pulled into Julia Creek caravan park, a pretty place. We have noticed how clean the rest stops are in Queensland, this was pleasant after the disgraceful state of many in the Northern Territory.


Finally, almost in Townsville we though we were about to run out of petrol, we slowed right down and found the first petrol station and put in $20, enough to get us to Townsville. We found a caravan park close to the centre of town and organised ourselves. We did not realise that arriving on a Sunday would mean the supermakets were closed by 6ish, a bit of a surprise. We also got a fish and chip surprise, paying by the 100gms. Very nice, but when you are on a budget not what we were expecting.


Monday was a busy day, Kevin had to buy a new kayak hat from BCF, still the best ones we have found. Our next mistake was to fill two shopping trolley in the supermarket then ask about delivery. We were then told delivery is an onlline service only. Most items were returned to the shelves, keeping just a few things. A few bottles of wine and champagne for me, as Kevin does not drink. He has his coffee though so this evens out. Then to the ferry to meet Emma.


We arrived at Fanta Sea and waited for Emma, we had to put the Subaru and hobie on a weight bridget to check the length. Longer than expected so we had to pay a little more for the return ticket $320, we don't mind though as the island is small and we had such a fabulous place and pets we were very lucky. The cost of hiring any form of transport on the island is not cheap, so this is still the best option for us for the 7 weeks. Emma and Luke the home owners cooked us dinner and we had a lovely evening.


We are on Magnetic Island and loving it. Cycling, walking and kayaking so far. Alot of resting after the driving and for me after working full time for 6 years. A well earned break. We look forward to lots of adventures for the next 7 weeks.

Radical Bay, Magnetic Island