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Where you can find us

We are registered on the house sitting website, Aussie House Sitters. Alternatively you can contact us through this website, click here. If you like to find out about our house sitting journey so far, click here.

What we can offer


We look after your home, pets, pool, garden, collect mail and can assist with airport drop off and pick up. You return to a clean, tidy home and well loved pets. We love caring for your pets and getting to know them, we understand the importance of caring for them while you are away.  Pride is taken in ensuring each home is left in the best condition. If we are unsure about anything we will contact you. Kevin and I are happy to keep you up to date while you away.  We are both handy and active so are able to maintain any size of property large or small. We are both non smokers.


Use the map below to see our house sits to date.


Services we provide:

  • Pet sitting of any sort

  • Pool maintenance

  • Garden maintenance

  • Mail collection

  • Security of your property for insurance

  • Care of any sea vessel

Why do we house sit?

We love to visit new places and it keeps life interesting for both of us. Kevin and I own our own properties in Katherine and Melbourne. We see it as a privilege to live in someones property, making sure it is well looked after. We both love the concept and it has turned into a lifestyle for us. House sitting is a constant adventure and we love it this way. We get to live in different locations and experience different houses and living styles, it is always a joy!

Length of house sit

We are happy with any length of house sit.



We now live in Bulimba Queensland and will always visit a prospective house sit if we are able, so that both parties can meet. Skype is the alternative we use if we are not local to you and you want to meet with us.

Identification and clearances

We are able to provide the items below to ensure your peace of mind.


  • Drivers license

  • Police check

  • References - available upon request



Christmas 2014 - Darwin


"Fiona and Kevin looked after our house, dog and garden for nearly 5 weeks in December 2014 till January 2015. On our return we found the house well looked after, the garden and pool well kept and our very active Kelpie one very happy boy. Communication was prompt and easy. We have found Fiona and Kevin trustworthy. We highly recommend Kevin and Fiona's house sitting services. We have already made 3 future bookings."


September 2014 - Katherine


"I recommend Fiona and Kevin as excellent house sitters. They graciously agreed to be our house sitters in Katherine for most of July while we were in the USA. Most importantly they took care and fed our two dogs and cat. Fiona and Kevin are very trustworthy and honest. I would recommend them for any similar arrangements."


January 2016 - Magnetic Island


"Thank you, thank  you , thank you. We are so thankful for the care and attention you gave to the dogs and the house. To come home to an immaculate house and happy dogs.... so appreciated. You guys are on our 'must have list. We hope to have you house sit again for us. We are telling all our friends about you guys."

Checky Nial in our Bulimba house sit
Checky Nial in our Bulimba house sit

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Feeding chickens
Feeding chickens

House sitting in Palmerston, feeding chickens.

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Fiona and Roo in Darwin
Fiona and Roo in Darwin

Our beautiful Troppo architectural house sit in Darwin with a young kelpi.

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Checky Nial in our Bulimba house sit
Checky Nial in our Bulimba house sit

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When we decided to house sit as part of a lifestyle choice in September 2014 we had to become homeless as we put it, a daunting prospect. At the time I had a lot of stuff and during the move to our first house sit, I had to get a lift to work with my housemate, as I couldn't fit into the car. I had too many possessions, half a container load had been shipped from Melbourne to Katherine to Darwin, much of it had to go. I did consider renting a very small storage unit for about $1300 per year. We decided this was not a sensible option as the cost of storage would soon be more than the cost of the goods themselves.  So I had to sell or give away anything that I really didn't need, even for me that was kind of tough.


Down sizing


Gumtree was a brilliant place to sell my bed base, mattress, fridge and so on, getting a fraction of what I had initially paid for them. The old saying that "something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay" is true. Needless to say, many items I owned went to charity shops and things I thought I could not live without are rarely missed.


We could fit 11 plastic boxes into our Subaru Outback. We also have some other bags which must fit somewhere else. In Darwin we store the kayak and hobie at different locations which makes moving easier.

After another two moves we were close to everything fitting in the car. We are still taking items to charity and only replacing what we need and use. It is exciting when we have more room in a box, meaning we have reduced our possessions even further. My weak point is nice clothing and for Kevin it is gadgets. Downsizing will continue as we find out what we really need.

House sitting


Our first house sit in Darwin started in September followed by the same property in October 2014. During this time we decided to house sit more permanently in Darwin.


Our next house sit was mid December 2014, looking after a lovely young kelpie and a beautiful Troppo architectural house while the owners went on holiday. We have now frequently house sit for these home owners.  A constant flow of house sitting requests started while we were living in Darwin.


Between house sits we always found somewhere to stay whether we camp or rent a room. Thank you to those who assist with this.


What an amazing life is out there to be lived. We find being open to change makes  house sitting easy. We simply love it.

Our house sitting services

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