How to wash your dry clean only clothes
Live in style with no compromise on looking great

Whether you are trying to find a cheaper alternative to dry cleaning, or are traveling and want to take that dress, top or pair of trousers to look great when you go out. You can now care for these clothes without comprising on glamour when you go to dinner or that special occasion. Just because there is a dry clean only label on that favourite dress doesn’t mean you can’t take it with you. Looking your best and feeling a million dollars doesn't mean having to find a dry cleaner anymore!

My experiences using a washing machine to wash dry clean only clothing

Dry cleaning your clothes is easy using a standard washing machine or portable Lemair washing machine which I use. Each time I have used this dry cleaning method the outcome was successful. I haven't washed any clothing I felt may not do well such as silk or dresses which may not cope with water or the vigor of the machine.  All items are dry clean only, but to date I had only hand washed them all, taking time and effort. Now that I have successfully washed a pair of trouser made from wool and polyester with a front crease, and three delicate tops made of 100% cotton I will continue washing these items using the appropriate cycle in the washing machine. If traveling you could find a laundromat to achieve the same result as long as there is an appropriate washing cycle.

What you need to wash dry clean only clothes
  • Washing machine with delicate, woolen or the hand wash cycle.

  • Kayser from David Jones in the hosiery department for $9.95, Bras N things for $6.95 normal or $9.95 large. It is important that the bags are a close knitted fabric. Easy to pack and take when you travel.

  • Laundry liquid for woolens or dedicates. Place liquid in a small water tight bottle when traveling.

  • Cold water.

  • Clothes steamer – optional.

How to wash, dry clean only clothing
  1. Read the clothing label first, this will indicate water temperature and other laundry instructions.

  2. Determine if you are happy that the item will be appropriate to wash in water and in a machine.

  3. Place each item in one washbag.

  4. Place all bags into the washing machine, as long as all contents are color fast.

  5. Set the washing machine to the appropriate cycle.

  6. Use cold water only.

  7. Add the delicate or woollens washing liquid.

  8. Once completed remove garments promptly, this is key to avoid creasing.

  9. Hang trouser on a trouser hanger and ensure any creases are matching. Hang delicate shirts on separate padded hangers each or lay flat on a towel to dry.

  10. If creases remain a clothes steamer give a very crisp look. You will love it!



Save money, time and the environment by washing your dry clean only clothes

You can wash your dry clean only clothes whatever your lifestyle, whether you are traveling, looking to reduce your dry cleaning costs, too lazy to go the dry cleaners or you want to care for the environment.  The above mentioned are viable ways to care for most of your delicate clothing without the need to find a dry cleaner close by. The method below can be used when hiking, biking, caravanning or traveling by air or sea.

What are the savings I have made by washing my dry clean only clothing. Three garments in Australia cost about $25.00. Let’s say I dry clean once a month, $25 x 12, equals $300, this is the saving I make each year. Some people will dry clean less, some more. I am using my results as an example. The table below demonstrates the amount that can be spend and therefore saved each year.

Stamford Plaza Brisbane
The A1 highway through the middle of Scotland
Orkney - Ring of Bodgar

There is of course a lot more of the nitty-gritty in regard to spending only a little. Don't spend in the first place is a great start. and sometimes it is that simple. Do you really need the item or service . Once you have spent the money you can't get it back again. Think before you spend. You will reap the reward in the end and that is where you have freedom and choice. Plus your bank account will starting looking really healthy.

What next

Watch for future blog entries and our eBook where we describe how we ended up where we both are today.

This is article does not state every habit and strategy I use, but many of the significant ones are mentioned. We are not financial adviser and anything we state in this article is simply a way of life we are happy to lead. Please seek financial advice from an accredited adviser.