Mawson trail through the Flinders ranges

Lake Argyle is a fresh water lake which has a dam separating it from the Ord River. Lake Argyle Caravan Park is the best place to stay before and after the trip. It has the infinity pool with its lovely view and good amenities. The caravan park is extremely well managed and we would recommend anyone to stay here.


We left Darwin on a Friday afternoon with the Hobie in tow making our way to Lake Argyle. I managed to leave the car keys under the bonnet of the car at Kununara, then closed the bonnet. Thankfully a gentleman from the Kimberley Land Caravan Park helped us out. Thank you so much.


Kevin and I arrived at the Lake Argyle Caravan park later that day. We spoke to Charlie, who had grown up in the area and knew the lake well. Charlie drew us a route on our A4 lake Argyle map, this would be our guide for the next 7 days. We spent the remainder of the afternoon packing the Hobie. This is our first extended trip on the Hobie. Apparently only a few people each year attempt this trip on the lake, so if you are adventerous give it a go.

Lake Argyle camp site, our pop up tent and hobie packed.

Hobie meets Lake Argyle.

We set off the next morning, leaving our car at the boat ramp, advising someone at the caravan of our return date.

Most mornings we set off by about 8:30am, sometimes there was a breeze, other times there was nothing. We carried little water with us as Lake Argyle is fresh water and  excellent drinking, so we could literally drink from the lake all day.

We both wore sun protective clothing and we needed it. There is no shade on the lake and virtually none on land. We saw lots of small freshwater crocodiles, and as the hobie was so quiet we were able to get quite close before disturbing them from their sleep in the shallows. The result was often alot of splashing.

Spot the fresh water crocodile

There was little wind between 12:30 to 3:00pm each day , during this time we would peddle, fish and chat, but it was hot. Thankfully we could at least splash ourselves with water from the lake for some relief. The shore and islands were quite rocky when landing and camping, we preferred to stay on the hobie where we could at least have access to cool water.  Once the wind was blowing in the afternoon we would head for our evening destination.  Evenings were full of sunsets, washing, cooking and the occassional mass of  insects.


Day 1 - Island camp - 23km

Day 2 - Hole in the wall - 19km - lovely shade

Day 3 - Farmers land - 32km - lots of insects at night time

Day 4 - Remote Island - 29km  - difficult to find

Day 5 - Hut - 14.5km - Crocodile nesting site

Day 6 - Camp close to boat ramp

Day 7 - Arrival at Lake Argyle boat ramp - Car was still there 10:30am arrival


Our stay at Lake Argyle Caravan Park was fantastic, so well organised, friendly, well kept and the meals are great. There is not much suitable food in the shop, so come prepared. We had a lovely meal on the evening we returned from our Lake Argyle trip.


A big thank you to Charlie and Gary and their staff. We were well taken care of and felt safe leaving our vehicle at the caravan park. The assistance we received from everyone was invaluable. The Lake Argyle Caravan Park gets our highest recommendation. If you are considering kayaking or similar around Lake Argyle we would recommend doing this trip just after the wet, there would be more water flowing and the possibility of seeing water falls and it being greener.


Tomorrow we set off for a kayak trip down the Ord River.