To make the most of our time together, we walk, cycle, sea kayak and dance. We also sail now Kevin has purchased Clipper. Exploring what a place has to offer is a passion for both of us. Traveling to and living in different places around the world, experiencing their culture, architecture and the arts. We are both camp remotely with only what we can fit in our bike panniers, in a bush walking pack or in our kayak.  We wild camp where we can or stay in camp grounds with the occasional motel for a good wash and rest.


Kevin and I met through cycling and our passion for this activity continues.  Kevin spent two years cycling around Europe in the 1980's and cycled around Australia in 2007. The Australia trip started in Katherine in the Northern Territory, taking the Gibb and King River road, the Nullabor, much of the Gippsland rail trail and kept mainly to the Bicentennial Trail through New South Wales to complete the journey 7 months later in Katherine.


While living in England I rode with the London Cycle Touring Club most weekends and joined them on several holidays. This was the best way to see the country for me and great friendships remain to this day. My touring has taken me to Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Wales, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Lands end to John O'Groats was completed in 2011, Heaphy track by mountain bike in 2012 and the Mawson Trail in 2014.

Bush walking

I have bush walked extensively in Victoria with the Melbourne Bush walking Club and Victorian Mountain Tramping Club. It is always an incredible experience and I have been taught what to buy and take on trips. This has been invaluable for all my remote traveling to keep my pack weight as light as I can with comfort.


I have completed a number of walking routes including: Tasmania; West Coast track and Overland track. Victoria's Great Ocean Walk, and various off track routes. New Zealand; remote walking out of George Sound and also the Kepler. I tramped in various locations when in the UK, walking in Wales, Scotland and England.

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking started for me in Tasmania with a friend who lives an outdoor lifestyle. Following this I joined a club in Ascot Vale, Melbourne and learnt how to paddle and capsize, this is very important!


A sea kayak trip around the Whitsunday's for 7 days in 2012 was my first real sea kayak experience, and I loved it. The highlight was kayaking in the middle of a small pod of migrating whales. I was terrified by their scale, but they were so fluid and majestic in the water. This has been the highlight of all my experiences. Even our experienced trip leader said this was at the top of his adventure experience.  I have a lot of learn about kayaking, but it opens up so many adventure possibilities. I am hooked.


Kevin hired a double kayak for my birthday and we kayaked up the Katherine gorge. It is probably one of my top trips, we wish we had more time, but with all the hauling of our kayak and gear we ran out of time. We didn't see any crocs, but Kevin was wary of 6th gorge, these areas are not frequented and he wasn't sure what would be there, so we didn't venture that far.


Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

2013 model. Sold in January 2016 to purchase Kevin's sailboat.


Kevin and Eric met when Kevin was on a cycling trip from Katherine to Darwin. Eric went out Sunday mornings around Darwin Harbour in his Hobie. Kevin and I purchased a double sea kayak and we would venture our with Eric on Darwin Harbour. Kevin could see the potential in the Hobie, and set a goal to own one.


Kevin had researched the Hobie and knew what he wanted and what he was willing to pay. May 2015, while we were at Darwin Hospital, Kevin looked on gumtree using his smart phone and saw the hobie he wanted. After some short correspondence, he had arranged to pick up the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island a few days later, in Perth!


Kevin finished work two days later on the Friday, packed the car and that afternoon started the three day drive from Darwin to Perth to pick up the Hobie. It was exactly what he wanted. Using Rino and an adjustable J style kayak rack the Hobie was put on top of my Subaru Outback.  What that car of mine can do!


The Hobie has been out various time on Darwin harbour. One long weekend where we camped at Wagait and Mandoorah beach just out of Darwin.


Kevin built a trailer for the Hobie making it much easier to transport. Check our trips for details on hobie trips.


The hobie was sold in late January 2016 as finding a location in Brisbane was going to prove difficult it also ended up funding the purchase of his sailboat.