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Kayak adventure camping at Dugong beach Whitsundays



Top 5 accommodation savers

House sitting House sitting is our first accommodation choice on our list and what an adventure this has been for both of us. When we decided to move from Katherine to Darwin due to my new job we initially stayed with a very generous friend. While staying there we looked for accommodation and found it too expensive in general. We had to come up with a solution for putting a roof over our head without it costing a small fortune. We thought outside the box and our comfort zone and discovered house sitting. We joined a site called Aussie House Sitters and we have not looked back. We pay our membership each year of $65, then we offer our services as house sitters. We do not charge for our servi

Motoring on Atria, a classic motor cruiser

On the Tuesday BBQ, Ian from the wooden boat association made an offer to members for a day out on Atria, a 40 ft wooden motor cruiser built in 1935. This was an opportunity Kevin and I couldn't miss. We arrived at Manly marina ready for a day of adventure to Peel Island on Ian's classic. We arrived with lunch and drinks, appropriate sun protective clothing and for the eventuality of a windy day out. One other classic wooden sailboat Skirmish would be joining us for the day. The weather was perfect for a day of cruising as we set off from Manly marina on Atria. After a quick safety briefing Ian cast off and we were moving. Ian cruised across Moreton Bay at a leisurely 7 knots giving us time

Re-fitting Clipper - the electrics

We live on Clipper, our small sailing boat. She is a means to save money, gives us a roof over our heads and will allow blue ocean voyages, all on a small income. To read more about Clipper and her history click here. Clipper was purchased to voyage on, however there is much work to do before she will be ready for the great adventure. In the video you will see where we have removed the diesel engine and installed a full sink and 12 volt fridge/freezer. Our schedule to have Clipper ready is at least another 12 to 18 months from now. This is a realistic time frame to complete the renovation and enough time to save some adventure money. The refit of Clipper includes replacing the rotten timber

BBQ with the Wooden Boat Association Brisbane

I have been a member of many clubs in my time, but I must say, this is the one which has made me laugh the most. Last night we spent the evening at the Maritime Museum in Brisbane, the lights are sparkling on the Brisbane River, there are one or two boats which members have brought along which are drawing comment. We are discussing boat projects with other members and preparing ourselves for the wonderful BBQ soon to be ready. Where are we, we are at the monthly gathering for the Wooden Boat Association Brisbane. Clipper is a wooden boat, so we were looking for anyone that could assist us with the changes and renovation required. We soon found the wooden boat association and have not looked

My first Juju cup

I have purchased my first Juju cup. I have just used it, love it, try it for yourself. You can make your monthly cycle better for the environment and cheaper for yourself? I first discovered menstrual cups when I was living in London and completing a Diploma in Nutrition, it was called the Mooncup. I recently decided my Mooncup was getting on and that I needed a new one. Browsing the internet I noticed a site menstrual cups Australia online which had an Australian design among their choices. After perusing a variety of options, I purchased the Australian Juju cup in my size. The Juju cup has won several awards and is Australian, which are the two reasons why I chose it. I purchased the menst

Launch of our new website

A free session with Jess from Hiro Radical on Saturday has prompted us to rethink our website, "Living Our Lifestyle". On Sunday we did a lot of pondering about the direction of our site. We asked the question, what did we want the site to achieve for ourselves and others? The site is transforming from one which advertises our house sitting services to a full blog documenting how we live our lifestyle. We decided the website needed to be more blog based allowing people to easily find us, keep up to date with how we live and for us to assist others on their adventure. We are constantly learning, and it is a steep curve that takes time. The website requires effort at night after work and on th

Sunday morning pancakes

Lying in bed we decided pancakes with fresh organic house sit eggs would be the go, this is Kevin's favorite. Kevin makes the best pancakes from scratch, and with fresh eggs I expect it to be really delicious. I prefer yoghurt while Kevin prefers cream. Both items are always purchased on sale or when they are reduced. We never pay full price for top quality yoghurt or cream, ever. We also use Queen 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup which we do pay full price for, having never seen it reduced. We have looked at cheaper options for maple syrup and after reading the ingredient list went straight back to the Queen brand, sometimes quality wins hands down. One bottle will last the two of us for six

Learning how to integrate our website with other web tools.

We have hit a wall and are needing help to get our website to the next level. Learning to use our website in conjunction with other web tools such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook effectively. Eventbrite is a great site to find free events, which is how we meet Jessie Larcombe from Hiro Radical, located at the SILO Paddington, Brisbane. Jessie offered a free one hour business strategy session when we attended our first Eventbrite seminar with her. Today we took full advantage of this and it was the best. We got great ideas and direction from the session and are already putting them into action. We are learning the importance of #tags for photos and content and how this impacts getting ou