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Kayak adventure camping at Dugong beach Whitsundays



Our new 48 volt inverter has arrived to power work tools, microwave and a milk frother. All on our

Today, Kevin received the 48 volt, pure sign wave inverter from ebay. The inverter has been purchased to run on the 48 volt battery system on Clipper. It is important that the batteries used to run the inverter have a high discharge rating. The batteries we use have a discharge rate of 800 amps over 5 seconds. The will be further discussion about the battery bank we have Clipper later. The inverter was tested today with the heat gun. Basically a hair dryer. The test was successful with the heat gun drawing 2000 watts. To hear what Kevin has to say about the inverter take a look at our YouTube channel.

What are the advantages of running a 48 volt system on a liveaboard sailboat. Nobody told us how goo

When we decided to throw the diesel motor out and go electric we were not aware of the other advantages of going electric. Going electric is a huge journey of discovery. Last night for the first time we did not use any gas to prepare dinner. We even heated the dishwater for the washing up in the microwave. No starting generators or having to be in a marina. Just plug in the microwave. Sure, if it was cloudy for a couple of weeks I would be conserving the power. But it has been sunny and the batteries are fully charged. Having an EV (electric vehicle) which is how we are now seeing Clipper, our live aboard sailboat, is not only about getting from A to B. It is about using energy efficiently a

Installing a 48 volt inverter on Clipper. One advantage of a 48 volt system.

Powering all the appliances, tools and laptops can be a bit of a challenge on Clipper. We need to generate and store the power in a very limited amount of space. Also the appliances we use are generally 240 volt Australian. Click here to check out the youtube video where I power a heat gun Having household appliances and tools at 240 volt is more practical than having 12 volt tools. They are more powerful and more readily available. Although we have the battery operated vacuum cleaner and tools, this is mainly because of portability. We have overcome the problems of generating enough power for the time being through our 5 panels, with a total generation of 15 amps @ 48 volts on a good day.

Why I decided to pay my mortgage off so quickly. In 8 years

I am a single, professional female with no children (SINK). I had been looking for a property since 2008 and it was all very exciting. Going to open houses, and eventually going through the purchasing process to have a place of my own at the age of 38. Then on the 10th April 2010 came the reality of the first mortgage payment. I paid $2,052 for the month with interest at $1,708.13 This meant I had paid the bank $1,708.13 of my hard earned salary in interest. It felt like I had just set fire to my money. I know this isn’t the case, but it certainly felt like it. I knew how much the interest would be beforehand, but it was not until I made that first big interest payment that I knew what I had

The mortgage and the bank - How I paid my mortgage in 8 years

Consistency, perseverance and determination, these are the keys. For me that meant paying as much as I could into my mortgage. I read many articles from the internet about people paying their mortgages off in a very short period of time. The same concepts kept coming up. To read the full article click here. To hear what I have to say about paying my mortgage off early, go to our YouTube channel.

Saving the deposit for my house

I am a natural saver and have been for as long as I can remember. There was no parental influence involved, it is just what I do. When I received birthday money as a child, I remember putting it in the bank. I didn't start working until I was 23 when I was studying and living in South Korea for a year in 1995. I taught English while I was studying to earn money for living. I also managed to save some of my earnings and used them to backpack through France, Spain and Germany for three months. During this time I visited the European friends I had made while living in South Korea. Admittedly I am not the best at traveling alone, but it was a such a growing experience to find my way around count

Unwrapping the electric motor for our 28ft liveaboard sailboat

​ Kevin just received the long awaited electric motor from Thunderstruck in the United States. Much time and research went into the purchase of the motor. Kevin did look at many options both Australian, British and Canadian. He found Thunderstruck has been in the EV (electric vehicle) since 1996. Thunderstruck had for us the best unit for the price. Price is a significant factor. Kevin didn't have tens of thousands to spend on a motor. Kevin had ordered and received the gear reducer earlier in the year from Thunderstruck. Since then he has been saving for the motor. It was easy to deal with Thunderstruck, they are true professionals in their field, happy to answer any questions. This has be