We have arrived on Magnetic Island and settled in. With two beautiful dogs, chickens a goose and a lovely home. What more could we want.  We are both sleeping very well, it is quiet and cool.  There is no television or airconditioning, neither of which is an issue. We watch iview when there is something we want to see and with breeze ways we find it cooler than Darwin. There is a pool which we use at least once each day. 


I have order $200 of food through Coles online to be delivered this morning between 8:30 and 11:30am. We have cycled to Horseshoe Bay and walked to Balding and Radical Bay. The following day we kayaked to Balding and Radical Bay. Yesterday we cycled to The Fort and walked the trails, some of the vistas are stunning.


Our days consist of rising at a reasonable time, usually before 7am. Have our breakfast, feed the chickens, dogs and hand water a part of the garden. With tight water restrictions we can only water on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, the remainder is hand watering. Today is Friday and after we receive the shopping it is off to the Post Office to check for mail.

Radical Bay, Magnetic Island

Living our lifestyle since 2014