Flinders Ranges break

Flinders Ranges break

We enjoy the sun and a rest

We enjoy the sun and a rest

Clare and Jurgen take a stroll

Clare and Jurgen take a stroll

Jurgen with a great view

Jurgen with a great view

Camping at a rest stop

Camping at a rest stop

The Mawson trail is approximately 900 km of dirt, single track and sealed road between Adelaide and Blinman. From  the Flinders rangers to Barossa wineries. Join myself and three friends for the adventure.




I chose to cycle from Blinman to Adelaide as this made more sense for transport. Kevin, Claire and Jurgen were invited on the trip, knowing they could deal with camping and days of cycling. Kevin and I drove the 2500km in his Barina from Katherine to Parachilna taking two full days. We picked up Claire and Jurgen along the way at Port Augusta then proceeded to organise and pack 4 people, 4 mountain bikes and our luggage for 2 weeks into a Barina for the 200km trip to Parachilna, there was no room to move in the car. It was a sight to see.


The following day we set off from Parachilna, leaving the Barina there for our return drive to Katherine. We had two sets of maps, one GPS and three people who could read maps. By the way, I am the one who is not brilliant at reading maps! A mix of remote camping and campsites were used along the way. Below if a brief synopsus of the trip.


Trip details


  • Distance - 909km

  • Terrain - dirt, single track and sealed roads

  • Number of days - 14

  • Technical mishaps - two pannier clips snapped off, one bolt holding a rear rack snapped. Not ortleibs!

  • Punctures - 0

  • Injuries - Fiona's saddle sores, Claire had a few too, not sure about the men, they didn't say anything!


Daily statistics


Day 1 - Parachilan - 47km - lovely work - wild camp - dirt road

Day 2 - South of Wilpena pound -67 km - wild camp -67km - single track

Day 3 - Moleana road was amazing - Hawker campsite - 90km - dirt and long sealed road

Day 4 - Wild camp - 75km - broken rack and panniers snapped off - dirt road

Day 5 - Quorn - 40km - due to wet weather, best cake shop, - Quorn campsite - gravel road

Day 6 - Wilmigton - 65km - campsite - separated from others due to bogging - dirt and sealed road

Day 7 - Laura - 72.5km - campsite - caught with Claire and Jurgen - dirt and sealed road

Day 8 - Spalding - 64km - camp at rec ground -  dirt and gravel road

Day 9 - Mt Bryant east - 57km - walkers house/hut - dirt road

Day 10 - Burra - 65km - campsite - dirt or single track - bad saddle sores

Day 11 - Claire - 58.4km - campsite - dirt and seasled road

Day 12 - Kapanda - 77km - campsite - single track and sealed road

Day 13 - Cuddly Creek - 86km - campsite - sealed road and big climbs

Day 14 - Adelaide - 46km - Harriets cottage - mountain bike track and cycle path



Below is a short list of the gear taken, we all have something different


  • Bikes - Marin dual suspension, Kona 29er, Surly troll

  • Racks - Extra wheel, Thule, no name rack

  • Tents - MacPac microlight, fairydown

  • Sleeping mat - Neo air, Exped

  • Cookers - Titanium, Coleman petrol burner, Trangier, Jetboil