The Ord River is fresh water which flows from the Lake Argyle dam wall to Kununara. We stayed at the Argyle Caravan Park the night before. We had to strip the hobie of the pontoons (Akas) and sail, transforming her into a kayak, then we had to pack her again ready for the three day trip. Gary from the caravan park allowed us to leave the remaining parts of the hobie and our car until we returned.


There was a strong flow from the dam wall as we put the kayak in. We enjoyed the first day as we paddled with the current. There were views of gorge walls, grasses and bird life. There were a few small rapids along the way and I paddled us through these. We stopped early at a sandy beach to camp for the night at the start of Carlton gorge. We tied the kayak for the night and set up camp.

Hobie as a kayak on day one

Campsite for day one

Day two we still had a good flow from the dam, we continued to paddle down the Carlton gorge  and dropped into two camp sites set up for those on boat and eco tour trips. Day three was slow as we paddled the final 25 km to Kununurra. We left the gorges and found the Ord meandering through farmland with residences that have direct access to the water with boat ramps. We passed elephant rock, an unmistakeable land mark, and made our way to our landing spot.


We pulled the kayak from the water to Kimberley Land Caravan Park and set up camp for the night. The following day Kevin caught the bus from Kununara to Lake Argyle where we had left the car and drove back to Kununara to pick me up. This was the end of our Lake Argyle, Ord River trip.


The Ord is possibly best just after the wet taking 4 days to complete, this will mean side trips suggested by the eco tour company could be completed. We were late in the season, all the waterfalls were dry with no water running, what a shame for us.  There was a reasonable amount of bird life and some fishing is possible. Best to camp on the sandy beaches if you can, we spotted three beaches but only camped on one.  We regret not camping on one of the beaches for the second night. We would reccommed completing Lake Argyle first followed by the Ord River, the Ord is fairly easy after Lake Argyle.