Bay of Islands, Lake Argyle

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Kevin and I are throwing away the rule book. We are making choices for a life of less stress giving us more time to do what we love.  We want to have choice.  We enjoy pushing the boundaries set by those around us, just enough to give us the freedom we are looking for. Kevin found early retirement by accident in 2000 and though I must still work, I know exactly where I am heading and that is an early retirement for myself. Kevin and I have the stamina and a love for adventure. We do settle, but then we are ready for the next part of our life story and never really know where it will take us.

Our life seems to propel us into situations where we meet people, who for us live amazing lives and we love to hear their story. We learn from each person, couple or family what works and what doesn't. We expect to work and save money while developing a passive income, which for us is the key.


​We have both traveled and lived overseas and are eager to continue exploring the world. Our aim is to live a life of adventure, travel and exploration, whether this is by living or visiting different places around the world. All by sailboat, bike and foot.

We invite you on our journey where make choices allowing us to spend more time with each other exploring the world. We want to live life on our own terms.


How do you want to live your life? What choices can you make to get you that little bit closer to living life on your own terms?


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Why we developed this site

We want to share with you how we live. What we hope is that you will be prompted to question what changes can be made to your lifestyle, however small that will give you that "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling. We want you to start thinking about the options each of you has in regard to how you live and where you actually want to be.

Since 2014 we have started to push and prod at the expectations of others. We now constantly question how we live. Our intention is to document the choices we make, some of which give us that hip hooray moment and others which do not work so well. We hope we give you the inspiration and determination to keep your dream alive, be happy and living the life you want.

About Kevin

Kevin worked in the mining industry, then in the year 2000 in his early 40's decided to educate himself. He quit work then completed a Degree in Science, a Masters in Tropical Environmental Management, partially completed a Masters in Public Health and a Cert III Fitness. In 2007 Kevin tried cycle touring to see if he liked it, and he did. Kevin started in Katherine arrived in Darwin and keep going for the next 7 months. On returning to Katherine he became a gym instructor. Kevin loves his bike, the gym and in general challenging himself. He is never bored especially with the renovation of his sailboat 'Clipper'.

About Fiona

I completed a Bachelor in Applied Computing at the University of Tasmania. I then lived in Pusan, South Korea for one year on a scholarship from university. On returning to Australia I worked as an IT trainer in Sydney for two years, then decided to move to London. I lived there for the next seven years. Returning to Australia I worked and lived in Melbourne for seven years, during this time I did a fairly normal thing purchasing a property. I then needed a change. I moved to the Northern Territory living in Katherine and Darwin for two years. The most recent move has been to Queensland and Bulimba in 2016 where we have been residing on Clipper, Kevin's sailboat. I continue to follow my passion for cycling, bush walking, kayaking and attending art openings and other social events. Life is relatively stress free, I just need to pay my mortgage off. The update on this is that I paid it off in 8 years, May of 2018. Yippee! Now I am saving to retire early.

Other blogs or website which inspire us

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