Even in the area of mens and womens personal upkeep we have found small changes which make a difference. Kevin purchased a good quality hair clipper set and I am sure it has paid for itself even after just one year. I cut Kevins hair quickly and easily, it is called a number one. Kevin cuts my hair with this and a pair of scissors and does a reasonble job. I made a decision not to colour my hair, as I can't be bothered with the constant upkeep. Looking presentable is important to both of us, we put the effort and the outlay is small, and the end result isn't too bad.

When it comes to my skin, and especially my face I do spend money. I have fair celtic skin and in the Australian climate it gets hammered. I always wear a hat and put on sunscreen. I get my skin care from the UK called Pai, as it it has no nasties in it. I will usually buy at christmas time when they have a blacknight special, I think that is what they call it. If I feel like a treat such as a facial, I will always go to a training school. I love these places, as long as you have time and realise they are students they are fractions of the price and I enjoy going there.

Kevin has a shave every morning without fail. I gave him a badgers hair shaving brush for his birthday a few years ago and it is still going strong and he loves it. Was it cheap, no, but I rather pay for quality in some circumstances. Cheap is not always best.