Renovating our sail boat Clipper
Our wooden sailboat on the hardstand in Brisbane September 2017

Clipper has been on the water for 18 months since her last anti-foul. The picture above was her first antifoul with us. Clipper has been on the Brisbane River since this time with only a couple of sailing outings and minor hull scrubbing at the water line to remove any build up on the hull. So, it was time to put clipper on the hardstand to inspect and anti-foul the hull and paint the deck and her sides. Some hull fittings also needed to replacing.

Removing rot and waterproofing the stern of our 50 year old liveaboard small wooden sail boat



There were a number of jobs to be completed before we could haul Clipper out. We had to find a suitable slipway that was reasonably priced, purchase the antifoul and deck paint, hull fittings and paint for the outside of the boat.

To reduce the time on the hardstand there was work on the stern deck to be done while we were on the river. To prepare Kevin removed the stern guard rail and electrical fittings going to the solar panel and anchor light. The fittings needing replacing because there were leaks. The rail fittings needed to be sealed and in some parts rot removed and filled with epoxy.

Our chosen haul out for the hardstand in the Brisbane area  - why we choose great facilities over price.

Finding which hardstand to use was just a matter of searching on the internet and then short listing which ones to visit. We were house sitting and had access to a vehicle allowing us to drive and inspect the four sites we had chosen on a Friday. The four hardstands were Montys at Caboolture, Scarborough, The Yard at Murarrie and Manly marina.

We decided to head north of Brisbane to visit Montys marina 60Kms from Bulimba. Jim who has a mooring just downstream from us was there with his steel Gaff rigged ketch. This gave us a chance to catch up with him. Price was the main concern to begin with and the cheapest we found happened to be Montys marina. The best we could say about Montys is that it is very cheap at about $550 a month. The environmental issues were easier and you do not need insurance. The negatives were the creek leading in could only be navigated at the highest tides, we needed a two meter tide and even then how would we get out. So Montys was off our list.


There was a chandelier on site, but shops and public transport were not in easy distance. We dont have a car so being able to get supplies would be challenging. The 'place looked run down with many boats that would never see the water again. The shower and toilet area was not in a very good state. It gave the impression of not being the best place for a lady to walk at night by herself. If Kevin was there by himself it would probably be an option. But, as I would be there living on the boat and commuting to work each day, it only took a short visit to rule Montys marina out.

We next visited Scarborough marina 41kms from Bulimba. Going there meant we could visit Andy and Sandy who we  know through the wooden boat association. Scarborough was clean and tidy with shops and chandelier within easy walking distance to the train station. There was someone in the office who gave us the following information. The overall cost for a haul out which is taken by LOA was $360 for haul out and relaunch, $67 hardstand/day for a 10m boat, pressure clean $87 and $40 environmental fee. Nearly a total of $1000 for the week we would have Clipper out of the water. The Scarborough marina was definitely an option.

The next place we visited was The Yard only 10Kms from Bulimba in Hemmant. There are two businesses with that name in the general area. The office was closed and when we asked someone on site they were unsure which yard we were looking for. The Yard we were at looked like it dealt with larger commercial vessels. After spending a short time looking for the right hardstand we gave up. It was getting late and decided to go home.

The following day, Saturday we had decided to go to Manly.  We parked the car and decided to enjoy a walk along the esplanade to the Royal Manly Yacht Club marina. As luck would have it we ran into a member of the WBAQ and had a chat. He suggested we try the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club. The WMYC was closer and we were told had a good reputation. It was hidden behind an automatic gate along a spit and we would have missed it if we had not been told about it.

You can hire vacuum sanders for a reasonable cost if you do not have your own. Although an environmental concern, vacuum sanders keeps the work area clean, dust off recently painted areas and dust off the boats on the slip next to you. A lock up cupboard where tools could be safely stored was supplied. No need to keep tools in the boat which frees up space and making living aboard easier.

The club allowed live aboard for the duration of the slip hire. I could take the train to work as it was a short walk from the marina to the train station.  Living on board was made very convenient as the WMYC supplied a good BBQ, cutlery and plates. The BBQ was one of the best we have used and when the food was cooked, a nice clean dining area was available.

The choice of where to haul out was obvious. Wynnum Manly Yacht Club with its good price, services and facilities.

It was a Saturday and the office was unattended. We had a quick sneak peek around the rear where the boats had been hauled out on the slipway. We liked what we saw. It was clean and well kept, there were lovely plants, a table, BBQ,  small kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and coffee and tea. We noted the phone number, but Kevin decided with the car he would visit on the Monday.

On the Monday the slip master gave Kevin a tour of the yard. Your boat needs to have third party insurance and being a slip it is limited to four boats at any one time. So booking well ahead is essential as it is very popular. The total cost for 7 days on the slip was $760. This included, environmental levy, high pressure cleaning and two weeks temporary membership to the club. The cost of haul out was by the deck length and not LOA. A big cost saving when you have a bowsprit. Scaffolding was also provided which made it much easier to work on the higher sides of the boat.

If you have a sailboat your are renovating or maintaining as a live aboard we would love to hear from you. Contact us and share your story here.