Renovating the galley on our small wooden liveaboard

The journey of our liveaboard sailboat Clipper continues. We have repaired the galley. It was rather run down with the old Laminex having had its day. It had deteriorated and been burnt from fires caused by the metho stove. The metho stove is no longer being used. It might have been useful on week end outings, but, as a liveaboard stove, it was too dangerous.


We have replaced the Laminex base with small tiles from Bunnings. They cost $Au5 for a 300mm * 300mm square. We purchased 4 squares and have used the remaining tiles in another part of Clipper. Tiles are more practical as they are resistant to heat and easy to clean. Although a but bit slippery with metal pans tending to slide. We fixed by using a mat which is also heat resistant to rest the pans on, a great buy new from David Jones for $5.

We found some Laminex off cuts which were advertised on Gumtree for $Au25. The map table was to also be recovered with the new Laminex. But decided you can sometimes have too much marble pink. Instead we used it on the ply around the head. It looks OK and the Laminex makes it easier to keep clean.

Rejuvenating the wooden mast

The mast on Clipper had needed work since Kevin's purchase of her January 2015. During two weekends in May 2018 the mast was cleaned washed and oiled. Cleaning the mast was quite a job for me, Fiona, spending most of Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend clean, scrubbing, washing and getting wet and tired. I didn't realise how much core work my body was going to end up doing. But it has been worth it.


We used Organoil- Wash-a-way to clean the mast. This worked wonders removing decades of grime with some scrubbing. Wash-a-way is biodegradable. After using Wash-a-way I had to clean the mast with fresh water. The mast then had to dry for a week. It had to be a week because I work full time and as I am the smaller and the lighter of the two of us, I have to be pulled up the mast. This is still a tough job for Kevin.


The following weekend on the Saturday, I went up the mast again to oil it with Organoil - Garden furniture oil. Kevin hauled me up to the spreader, from here I oiled my way to the top of the mast then back to the spreader. I continued oiling down the mast from there.

We are very happy with the Organoil product, it is cheaper than any product in a marine store and as far as we can tell does the same job. Highly recommend.

Take a look at our video of our mast rejuvenation,