Hobie to Townsville and returning to Maggie

We had decided to Hobie our way across from Maggie to Townsville to do some grocery shopping. We set out from Nelly Bay marina, and all went well with our trip across to a beach right next to the marina in Townsville. We walked to the rockpool, completed our shopping then walked our way back to the Hobie.

We changed back into our sea faring gear and packed all the shopping into the Hobie. The return trip was a challenge. I think we have both decided that the section between Townsville and Nelly Bay during the afternoon simply does not lend itself to quick travel. We had to tack and ensure we did not get run over by the ferries and their multiple trips. We made it. Yippee.

On returning home, we opened up the Hobie to get ou shopping out. With all the wash the hull was pretty much full of water. Some of our bread was wet, we salvaged what we could out of this. Most food stuffs were fine, but this incident did lead to the need for proper waterproof bags. Kevin has ordered these.