2015 A year of house sitting in review

Today, I have looked back on our year of house sitting in 2015. It has been a year of learning how house sitting works for us. We have enjoyed so many aspects, but we have missed out on some of our own activities as well. Has it all been worth it, absolutely. We have met great people, pets and housesit the most wonderful homes. We feel privilaged that people have allowed us into their homes, and all we can say is a big thank you.

House sitting statistics

  • 14 house sits, 8 clients so some sits were repeat clients

  • 262 days or 72% of the year house sitting

  • Shortest sit – 3 days

  • Longest sit – 58 days

  • Pets – dogs, chickens, snakes, fish, birds and a goose

  • Locations – Darwin, Palmerston, Magnetic Island

Budget 2015

  • Budget $200 per week between the two of us, served us well most of the time

  • $1,587 in accommodation costs for the year

Great things about the year

  • House sitting beautiful well designed properties for the tropics

  • Meeting great people

  • Living is lovely locations

  • Learning to love dishwashers

  • Developing our website

  • Developing our Facebook page

What we missed out on this year

  • Bushwalks

  • Rogaine’s

  • Going to the gym

  • Cycle touring in Japan