Power - Solar panels

We were not generating enough power on the boat for our needs, we had to decide what to do. We needed enough power to run a fridge, power tools, two laptops and mobiles, a vacuum cleaner, electric toothbrush and occasionally an inverter.

A 40 watt panel came with the boat which powers the bilge and it does its job. We have a 100 watt panel which was not producing enough power for our basic needs, so Kevin purchased a 200 watt panel from ebay for $175. The panel is temporarily secured to the top of the boat cabin. We have potential power production of 300 watts which appears to be enough to meet our current power requirements.

We are now producing the power but don't have batteries with a large enough capacity to store all power generated. The next decision will be to look at our battery options. Take a look at our video on Solar panels