Learning how to integrate our website with other web tools.

We have hit a wall and are needing help to get our website to the next level. Learning to use our website in conjunction with other web tools such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook effectively.

Eventbrite is a great site to find free events, which is how we meet Jessie Larcombe from Hiro Radical, located at the SILO Paddington, Brisbane.

Jessie offered a free one hour business strategy session when we attended our first Eventbrite seminar with her.

Today we took full advantage of this and it was the best. We got great ideas and direction from the session and are already putting them into action. We are learning the importance of #tags for photos and content and how this impacts getting our brand out there. We also have to split our blog into categories making it easier for you to find what you like. This is where we need to be spending our time to developing a following. Those followers are you by the way.

SILO is a business community space with paintings on display. This art work I particularly liked. The painting is by Marieke Van Der Leest from Dream Into Being http://www.dreamintobeing.com