Sunday morning pancakes

Lying in bed we decided pancakes with fresh organic house sit eggs would be the go, this is Kevin's favorite. Kevin makes the best pancakes from scratch, and with fresh eggs I expect it to be really delicious.

I prefer yoghurt while Kevin prefers cream. Both items are always purchased on sale or when they are reduced. We never pay full price for top quality yoghurt or cream, ever. We also use Queen 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup which we do pay full price for, having never seen it reduced. We have looked at cheaper options for maple syrup and after reading the ingredient list went straight back to the Queen brand, sometimes quality wins hands down. One bottle will last the two of us for six months.

We purchased our fruit from a market this morning down the road in The Gap which was only a little more expensive than frozen mixed berries which we usually buy from the supermarket. Jess from Hiro radical gave a few passion fruit yesterday as well, thanks Jess they were lovely.

Kevin made the pancakes, cut the fruit and whipped the cream. We had breakfast in the back garden of our house sit with chickens and one puppy dog for company. The sun was out, we had a wonderful breakfast and will follow this with a mountain bike ride to exercise off the pancakes.