Launch of our new website

A free session with Jess from Hiro Radical on Saturday has prompted us to rethink our website, "Living Our Lifestyle". On Sunday we did a lot of pondering about the direction of our site. We asked the question, what did we want the site to achieve for ourselves and others?

The site is transforming from one which advertises our house sitting services to a full blog documenting how we live our lifestyle. We decided the website needed to be more blog based allowing people to easily find us, keep up to date with how we live and for us to assist others on their adventure.

We are constantly learning, and it is a steep curve that takes time. The website requires effort at night after work and on the weekends. But we both enjoy it and we are totally thrilled when we see someone has liked our Facebook post, Pinterest or Instagram photo. We love that someone out there likes what we are doing. So keep following us, we feel we are just starting to break ground and absolutely love that.