My first Juju cup

I have purchased my first Juju cup. I have just used it, love it, try it for yourself. You can make your monthly cycle better for the environment and cheaper for yourself?

I first discovered menstrual cups when I was living in London and completing a Diploma in Nutrition, it was called the Mooncup. I recently decided my Mooncup was getting on and that I needed a new one. Browsing the internet I noticed a site menstrual cups Australia online which had an Australian design among their choices. After perusing a variety of options, I purchased the Australian Juju cup in my size.

The Juju cup has won several awards and is Australian, which are the two reasons why I chose it. I purchased the menstrual cup from the site above as there was no extra postage to pay. I have received my package in the post, very prompt, thank you. Used it, love it, try it! Such a cute box too.

They are so easy to use and you avoid the fuss of having to carry hygiene products with you. For active and adventurous women it is wonderful, I find it invaluable when I am remote camping for any activity. All I have to do is wash it, following the instructions and store it again. Even if I am traveling in a more glamorous fashion I still love it, it comes in a pretty storage bag which is not out of place in your handbag. . Once again the wonderful world of living on a small income and the great benefits that can come with it!

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