BBQ with the Wooden Boat Association Brisbane

I have been a member of many clubs in my time, but I must say, this is the one which has made me laugh the most.

Last night we spent the evening at the Maritime Museum in Brisbane, the lights are sparkling on the Brisbane River, there are one or two boats which members have brought along which are drawing comment. We are discussing boat projects with other members and preparing ourselves for the wonderful BBQ soon to be ready. Where are we, we are at the monthly gathering for the Wooden Boat Association Brisbane.

Clipper is a wooden boat, so we were looking for anyone that could assist us with the changes and renovation required. We soon found the wooden boat association and have not looked back. Everyone is welcoming and they have a wealth of knowledge within the group. The BBQ is set in the grounds of the Maritime Museum on the Brisbane River. In the evening it is the best place to be. After the BBQ and cleaning has been completed it is time for the meeting.

During the evening there are discussions of past and future outings, they call them muck abouts. Which are essentially about spending a few hours on the water and having a good time. There is usually a guest speaker and tonight it was Ian who is the owner of Atrium, a 40 ft wooden power cruiser. He talked about his restoration of Atrium and the problems he encountered. Along with visitors to the club who intreduce themselves, the night adds up to be an enjoyable evening. Once the meeting has concluded we grab a cup of tea and coffee, a biscuit and go have a chat or find a new magazine to take home and read.

The association is a great source of advice for the renovation of Clipper. We are so grateful that members are generous enough to give their time and expertise to ourselves who are so new to the scene of wooden boats. At the August meeting we mentioned to John that we had mould which had again starting to show on Clippers internal timbers. It had only been 5 months since I scrubbed the timbers with chlorine. At this meeting John gave us a bottle of Ti Tree oil to treat the mould and an article detailing how Tee Tree oil assists with its removal.

The ability of members to build a small wooden boat, canoes, kayaks amazes us, and the passion of everyone in the club is unmistakable. We feel privileged as new comers to the wooden boat scene to have the opportunity to meet such people.

We can not speak highly enough of the club and if you do decide to come along for a visit, you would receive a warm welcome and have a whale of a time.