Re-fitting Clipper - the electrics

We live on Clipper, our small sailing boat. She is a means to save money, gives us a roof over our heads and will allow blue ocean voyages, all on a small income. To read more about Clipper and her history click here.

Clipper was purchased to voyage on, however there is much work to do before she will be ready for the great adventure. In the video you will see where we have removed the diesel engine and installed a full sink and 12 volt fridge/freezer.

Our schedule to have Clipper ready is at least another 12 to 18 months from now. This is a realistic time frame to complete the renovation and enough time to save some adventure money. The refit of Clipper includes replacing the rotten timber in the fore and aft sections around the mast and cockpit, resealing the port lights (not portholes as they do not open) and repainting her deck. In 12 months she will go back on the hard stand for an anti fouling, at the same time I intend to fit an electric motor, the research for this is in constant progress. While it is raining the interior will have any reappearing mould removed, watch out for our video on how to permanently remove mould, the secret given to us by John from the Wooden Boat Association Brisbane. She will have her interior repainted and the electric wiring completed.

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