Motoring on Atria, a classic motor cruiser

On the Tuesday BBQ, Ian from the wooden boat association made an offer to members for a day out on Atria, a 40 ft wooden motor cruiser built in 1935. This was an opportunity Kevin and I couldn't miss. We arrived at Manly marina ready for a day of adventure to Peel Island on Ian's classic. We arrived with lunch and drinks, appropriate sun protective clothing and for the eventuality of a windy day out. One other classic wooden sailboat Skirmish would be joining us for the day.

The weather was perfect for a day of cruising as we set off from Manly marina on Atria. After a quick safety briefing Ian cast off and we were moving. Ian cruised across Moreton Bay at a leisurely 7 knots giving us time take in the sights.

We enjoyed morning tea at 10am with Ron, a fellow guest who supplied custard tarts, apple pie and chocolate eclair. All a good enough reason to go cruising at any time. While enjoying tea, another motor boat passed us at a rate of knots creating a wake which rocked Atria. We all enjoyed a laugh when Ron commented "don't they know it is morning tea".

Atria has been restored and is lovely to cruise on, with a double front birth, toilet, shower and comfortable galley and lounge area. After about two hours motoring we anchored at Peel Island and with school holidays in full swing there was a fleet of other boats anchored. Included among them were a few classic motor boats.

The other club sail boat Skirmish anchored close by and lunch was started. We lazed around for an hour watching other boats sail by then it was time to pull up anchor and motor off ourselves. Ian sailed us around the back of Peel island to miss some of the more challenging swell. Various craft were on the water and Ian did a great job of maneuvering us safely back into the marina.

We would like to thank Ian for a wonderful day out. I had always wanted to sail on a classic motor boat and now I have. It was wonderful.

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