Spend $1,600 a year on accommodation

Living on a sailboat on the Brisbane River

In 2015 we paid $1600 for accommodation this included electricity and water. In 2016 we paid $3967, how can you achieve a similar result?

I have always said the two most significant living costs are accommodation and transport, if you can keep these down everything else if manageable. Forging a lifestyle of living an adventurous life has made us even more aware of this. Once these items are under control other living costs have less of an impact on our finances.

Keep accommodation costs low

Don’t mistake us for people who would knock back living a life of luxury, we would love it. We just don't have the income to support that life, nor is it a driving force for either of us. Keeping accommodation costs as low as possible is a substantial part of our strategy to living an adventurous lifestyle. I have always tried to keep my accommodation cost down, and as for paying off someone else mortgage, that was not part of the plan.

While in London for seven years I was lucky enough to have quite nice places to live, including a bedsit initially then a council property which everyone loved, neither was too expensive. Relocating back to Australia I eventually purchased a property and since then I have been paying this off, on my single income. Having now moved away from my house in Melbourne, I had to find a way to make my accommodation economical, I can't afford to pay rent and a mortgage as I would never reach my early semi-retirement goal. Below are details on the choices we have made allowing providing substantial savings on accommodation.

House sitting - House sitting was our first big discovery, with free electricity, water, internet and often a car, the savings are so significant we can't just give it up. There are pros and cons to house sitting, but the pros far outweigh the cons for us. Read more about our house sit adventure by clicking this link, it might be something you could consider.

Sailboat – Living on a sailboat has been our second big discovery. If you have read our website you might have noticed that between house sits we live on a sailboat. Kevin purchased Clipper at the end of January 2016 in Brisbane. We have been living on her since the middle of February 2016, located on the Brisbane River, what an eye opener this has been. We pay a pittance for our rented mooring location and amenities. We love it, and once again the savings are so significant we just can't give it up.

Camping - We occasionally wild camp or stay in caravan parks. Either way it is a great option.We are both happy campers, so this was not an issue and already had all the equipment necessary. Camping wild is also free, private and mostly calming.

Airbnb and hotels - If we want a bed and a little luxury we book either Airbnb or a hotel. The hotels particularly can be great value if you can get a package deal. We have stayed at the Stamford Plaza Brisbane as I couldn't resist the deal for Kevin's birthday. Keep an eye out as it is amazing what you can find.

So there you have it, controlling your accommodation cost is possible. It takes common sense, not expecting the best or worst and bit of effort, but it is possible.