Completing our boat licence at Scarborough marina.

To move clipper from her mooring we both need a boat licence. After speaking with the Wooden Boat Association we were advised to contact the Australian Boating College, located in Scarborough, Queensland. So last week we organised to take the course today, Sunday at a cost of $140 each.

I was nervous, as though I have been living on Clipper for a year now, my boating knowledge is not great. Mainly because we haven't moved off our mooring in Bulimba during this time. Well it was a case of taking the bull by the horns for me and getting out of my comfort zone. I was really worried I wouldn't pass. Kevin on the other hand felt confident and comfortable. He owned a tinny in earlier years and is happy at being behind the wheel.

Initially there was a theory session which caused me a bit of brain strain. This was followed by an exam. Out of 50 questions I got five wrong, two were due to a bit of mental fatigue, the other three, well I go there eventually. Kevin managed with only one incorrect answer. But we both passed eventually.

​​This was followed immediately by the practical boat test at Scarborough marina. We drove to the marina boarded a small power boat and headed out into Moreton Bay. We had to complete a figure of eight, a man over board then back to the marina where we parked the boat at a jetty. We both passed this test too. Now it is a trip to the Department of Transport to get our boat license. Then we can finally move off the mooring.

Moving off the mooring will be the biggest achievement since our move to Brisbane. Stay tuned for the adventure to come, where we finally moving off our mooring. Yippee!