Living expense for February 2017

Financial expenses February 2017

Here is my regular financial update for February. This month I have had extra expenses, mainly the completion of a boating licence. Though I still have to pay for the actual licence yet. We have also been house sitting during this month so our use of mentholated spirits for cooking has decreased. But as we have had access to a vehicle we have had to $40 to fill the car with.

We made our way to the Tip Shop in Geebung again, spending just $10 to get great bargains again. This is now where we buy all our clothes needed for to renovate Clipper, as we both find charity shops in Brisbane very expensive. The tip shops are an absolute dream for us, when we can get there..

February was a quiet month, it feels like the year is just beginning to fire up again now.

We spent $350 on groceries for the month. The left over money was spent on metholated spirits which we need for the next month on the boat. $130 on boat licenses each. $10 tip shop, $40 petrol. I have my usual mortgage interest payment and payment of the mooring fee.

I would love next month to be cheaper but I will just have to wait and see.