Living expense for March 2017

I never set a monthly budget for myself, I just prefer not to spend money because I will never see it again. So I think very carefully before I purchase an item. If I am going to semi retire early I need to save and invest as much as possible.

This month I had the extra expense of paying for my actual boat licence. Kevin and I completed a house sit during early march but other than this we have been living on Clipper, Kevin's sailboat. So it was pretty much an average month spending wise for me. I feel like I am heading in the right financial direction and it would be great to spend only $20,000 in 2017. But as I am only three months into the year I will have to wait and see.

How we entertain ourselves on a budget in Brisbane

Our entertainment consisted of an evening out at a HubSpot event through Eventbrite in Brisbane. I had end of month work drinks which I attended on Friday evening. And of course our monthly BBQ with the wooden boat association. So our social life is slowly getting a little busier.

The cost of sailing Clipper for the first time

Kevin has spent time getting Clipper ready to sail and we have now left the mooring twice during march. On our second trip Kevin spend $50 on fuel to ensure we had enough to get off our mooring up the Brisbane River and back again, we still had about half of the fuel remaining when we got back to the mooring. We lived to tell the tale of our first sailing adventure. More about this later, but take a look at our sailboat section to see how where we live most of the year.

Grocery expenses for march

We spent $326 on groceries for the month, with both of us putting in $50 a week. We manage to eat well on so little as Kevin is able to buy at the supermarket at times of the day when reduced items go on sale. Remaining funds were spent on our wooden boat BBQ at $20 for two of us. Then I leave the remaining money with Kevin to pay for mentholated spirits for cooking on the boat.

Expenses for march 2017