Renovating my Chas Roberts bicycle - Paint My Bike - Part two

My Chas Roberts bicycle repaint with Paint My bike

Matt and I after the respray of my Roberts Bicycle

The date is Thursday 13th April, I have taken the day off work as we have a car and I need to collect my Roberts women's compact audax bicycle from Paint My Bike. The removal of rust, re-threading the rear derailleur and painting is complete. I am excited and nervous as I really don't know what to expect.

The fork comes out first and it is beautiful, I start to get excited, then Sasha, who keeps everyone organised, says "Wait until you see the next piece".

Sasha brings out my frame, a beautiful blue with ''Roberts" in antique white written on the tube. The paint work and the writing is stunning. Other areas of the frame with writing etched into the Reynolds 531 steel are hand painted. The quality of work including the head stem is beautifully painted in silver. There is just enough glitter, I am not sure what it is really called, that the colour literally changes in the sunlight. Wonderful!

Frugal living is not about getting everything as cheaply as possible. It is always about getting value for money and determining what is really important to you. For me my bike has paid it dues many times over. The craftsmanship in my frame repaint is without fault. That is what I paid for and that is what was present to me.

Matt, who is pictures above with me assisted in choosing my bike colour, Ralph meticulously hand painted the areas of my bike which required definition and a steady hand. And Sasha keeps the outfit ticking over. Paint My Bike is where you go if want a your bicycle repainted by the best, with craftsmanship. Would I take my bike there again, absolutely. They are professional, give great advice and know what exactly what they are doing. The cost of my bike repaint can be seen here.

In part three you will see the completed bike. This will take a little longer and I have to order, fit what I can, then get assistance with the rest. Stay tuned for the next episode. If you want to take a look at episode one click here.

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