Living expense for April 2017

House sitting at The Gap

So what have I been up to for the month of April. Kevin and I have been house sitting in The Gap, Brisbane for 17 days prior to and including Easter. This gave us a reason for at least two daily walks with Lyra and of course Kevin just loves the chickens, they are his favourite pet. We took a stroll around Walkabout creek near The Gap while house sitting.

The respray of my custom built Chas Roberts by Paint My Bike

We have visited both the Geebung and Acacia Ridge Tip Shops getting great bargains. We went to another BBQ for the Wooden Boat Association. And most importantly we pick up my Roberts bike frame after its respray was completed by Paint My Bike. If you are interested in custom built bicycles, take a look at a blog episodes as I record my bike from its rusted, sorry state to a beautiful piece of machinery again. blog episode one, blog episode two are now available for viewing.

This month I had the extra expense of paying the Wealth Package fee for my

mortgage, paying for some of my bike respray, though mum and dad have kindly paid for most of it for my birthday last year and this year at my request. Kevin and I have both paid for petrol for our house sit car about $80 between us.

Tip Shop in Geebung

Tip shop visits

We try to visit the tip shops whenever we have a car. They have great bargains, we get 15 pieces of clothing for a cost of $5. I purchased a pair of golf pants, part of the above mentioned, which I altered with my sewing machine and they look fabulous on, just in time for a Brisbane winter. We get our clothes for renovating Clipper our live aboard sailboat and we also get designed pieces too, keeping these to wear out. The last visit I found about 12 pieces of Tupperware which we store dry food and perishables inside our fridge. Kevin found shackles which cost him $3. Tip Shops are an absolute goldmine and we love them.

How we entertain ourselves on a budget in Brisbane

It has been a fairly quiet month. We have worked on this website as usual, attended our monthly BBQ at the Wood Boat Association. Kevin got free tickets to a Game Changers lecture at the State Library of Queensland, through Eventbrite. This time we were treated to an interview with Wayne Gerard an entrepreneur who started Redeye. Going to these events is inspiring, we meet new people, they serve wine and cheese and it is a great evening out for free.

With a day off work this month I decided we should walk from Bulimba to Brisbane CBD. We took our three carrots, water and backpacks and off we went. Walking through the backstreets of Bulimba, Hawthorne, Mowbray Park and finally over the Story Bridge to the CBD. We stopped off at the supermarket and a sushi place I know purchasing munchies fort the grant sum of $10. With the trip home by ferry we paid $18 for a budget day out for both of us. Frugal living is fun and health we both thoroughly enjoying our day out. I attended the end of month drinks at my work, the last Friday of each month with wine and nibbles, yum.

The cost of sailing Clipper

Sailing our Alan Buchanan wooden sailboat on the Brisbane River. Sail adventure number three

We have been out three times on Clipper to date, two of these sailing events

occurred in April. We still can't sail well but we are slowly learning. Kevin has probably purchased about $40 of petrol for both trips during April.

Take a look at our Facebook page to see us in action. All a bit scary as the container ships or P&O pass by us, but our sailing is improving. Our last outing we dropped jib not to main sail and the boat handled much better. I have given Kevin the job of blogging about his sailboat clipper, so hopefully readers will get to see and hear more about the pedigree and history of this sailboat. As we find out more we realise how lucky we are to have her.

Freebies for the month

Vintage 1962 Johnston outboard motor

Alan from the Wooden Boat Association gave Kevin a vintage 1962 Johnston outboard. Kevin has pulled the motor apart but the coils have disintegrated. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, but many not be worth fixing. A frugal lifestyle means we have to consider what is worth fixing and what is not. It has beautiful lines but may be too far gone, such a shame.

Grocery expenses for march

David Jones premium dried fruit

We spent $426 on groceries for the month, so this month we have gone slightly over. Considering we are usually well under I think this is of little concern. I went shopping at David Jones food department this month and got lovely dried fruit $10 I paid $2.49 for both items. And they are beautifully decadent.

Below of my graphic for my months spending, not too bad still. Mum and dad did give me $1,000 toward the respray of my bike, this as not been counted in income or expenditure as it cancels itself out. I am happy with my spending so far. If you are interested in what I spent last year take a look at my article for spending in 2016, take a look at the Our Lifestyle page and click on the Articles area, you will need to register, but it is worth it.

How have you managed to be frugal this month?

Expenses for April 2017