How Facebook linked us to the builder of our classic wooden sailboat

Meeting Margaret who voyaged on Clipper in the 70's

Kevin and I sailing Clipper on the Brisbane River

Finding the history of Clipper and eventually meeting those who built and voyaged on her has been a journey in itself. It all started with the documents Kevin was given when he purchased Clipper. We found Clive and Margaret's name in the documentation. Kevin searched on Facebook and found Margaret, we were sure it was the same person. Kevin sent a friend request on Facebook to Margaret. Margaret did not know us, but saw the header photo of Clipper and wondered if this was the boat she voyaged on as 17 year old from South Africa. Clive, Clippers builder, confirmed it was. Margaret contacted a friend Graham who checked out who we were on Facebook. By the way Graham didn't know us either. Graham made us a friend on Facebook, then Margaret confirmed our friend request too. We were now connected.

Kevin and Margaret at South Bank in Brisbane

Margaret was visiting Brisbane in May and luckily she had time to catch up with us. We cycled in and met Margaret at South Bank in Brisbane. I bought us each a coffee and the conversations began. This was the start of our historical adventure of Clipper.

Building plans for Clipper - Clyde Cruising Club plans

As our meeting was drawing to an end, Margaret invited Kevin and myself to visit Clive and herself at their property near Gladstone. More to come on that adventure

As our meeting drew to a close, Margaret invites us to meet Clive and herself at their property near Gladstone. We were certainly not going to miss this.