Living expense for May 2017

Margaret and Kevin at South Bank Brisbane

May was a month full of history about our bluewater sailboat Clipper. Meeting Margaret who voyaged on Clipper when she was first built and visiting Clive her partner who built Clipper. Winter began and we pull out our winter clothing and of course continuing the renovation of Clipper. We went to our usual monthly BBQ and for me working to pay off my mortgage. Kevin has made further inroads on the electrics in Clipper and a boaty friend helped us with some sailing tips on the Brisbane River.

The history of our 28ft bluewater sailboat Clipper

Breakfast at a rest stop on the way to Gladstone. The jetboil heats water quickly for Kevins shave.

The big adventure this month was our visit to meet Clive the gentleman who built our sailboat Clipper. We met Margaret his partner earlier in May in Brisbane. She offered us the opportunity to visit Clive and herself at their home so we jumped at the chance. We hired a car from Juicy rentals as it was the cheapest option Kevin could find at $144 for rental and insurance. We left Brisbane at 4:30pm on Friday 19th May headed for Gladstone. The weather was awful, raining most of the way. We stopped for dinner at a picnic table, heating my homemade soup in the Jetboil, yum. It was midnight by the time we found a rest stop where we arranged the car as our sleeping quarters. Thankfully we were now only 30 km

Clive who built Clipper and Margaret his partner who voyaged with him on Clipper for several years

from Gladstone. The next morning we set off to arrive at Clive and Margaret's property for 10 am. Meeting Clive and Margaret has been inspiring from an adventure and lifestyle perspective. They love life and have explored the way many of us dream of but never manage. To us they are amazing. It is people like Margaret and Clive who keep dreams alive. They don't boast or blog they just do! I will write more about this adventure shortly.

How we entertain ourselves on a budget in Brisbane

Our outings have consisted of the usual Wooden Boat BBQ for $20 on the second Tuesday of the month at the Maritime Museum. A lecture on paint by Peter from Norglass was given which was very interesting. Now we want to see the product sheet of any paint before we buy it. Cheap paint really is cheap paint! I picked up some environmentally friendly paint stripper and Kevin stuck his hand up and go something to clean surfaces before we paint. All for free, thanks Norglass. We also went to see a Game Changers lecture at the Brisbane State Library, "The future of work". A panel of four discussed where education and work is heading in the future, all very interesting.

Clipper our Do It Yourself restoration job

James assisting with advice on setting the jib on Clipper

Boat wise Kevin changed some bolts inside the cabin roof so we can hang washing inside, this makes life much easier when it is raining. Kevin also worked on the electrics, we now have 'up lighting' in the boat and it’s amazing. The lighting is softer and goes the full length of the cabin. We had our first evening meal inside the boat with a visitor, James, who has a boat moored close by. We had better not try to seat four at our table because three of us didn't quite fit. James was very gracious and took us for a short sail up the Brisbane River on Clipper. It is great to get tips for a well sailed boaty, thanks James.

Freebies for the month

Freebies from Norglass at our Wooden boat association evening will be great when we get to use them in months to come. Kevin picked up a free generator on our way home from Gladstone. Although he couldn't get it working, he can scavenge parts from it. Everything helps. Free wine and cheese at Game Changes but that is about it for the month. Kevin was given a vintage outboard for free last month, unfortunately he was unable to salvage it. Not everything we get for free is worth fixing, it is all a gamble. As long as we don't have to spend money trying to get it working we are happy to give most items a go. Kevin is has developed a reputation among the boaties around us as the go to person for mobile phone, computers and fixing motors of any form. If Kevin can't get them working no one can.

A change of season

It has been getting colder, so I have my lovely warm Western Mountaineering sleeping bag out, my good old Helli Hansen thermal top an older down jacket and some gloves. Kevin has his thermals, beanie and warm boat jacket. I am waiting for his slippers to come out shortly. We find it quite warm in the boat compared to outside at times. I think this is because we cook, live and sleep in such a small area we really don't have much to heat. And therefore no heating bill, yay! Though we are in Brisbane so it is easier to get away with no heating.

Grocery expenses for march

We spent $455 on groceries for the month. This is the second month we have spent over $400, Kevin thinks items are getting more expensive or not as many items are on sale or reduced or maybe the reduction price is not as low as it was. It is not a problem, our grocery bill is still low and we are very aware not to eat out unless we get value or it is a special occasion.

My spend for the month of May

Below is my graphic for May's monthly spending, not too bad still. Mum and dad did give me $1,000 toward the respray of my bike, this as not been counted in income or expenditure as it cancels itself out. I am happy with my spending so far. If you are interested in what I spent last year take a look at my article for spending in 2016, take a look at the Our Lifestyle page and click on the Articles area, you will need to register, but it is worth it.

How have you managed to be frugal this month?

Financial spent for May 2017