Living expense for July 2017

Sailing to the Sandhills in Moreton Bay on Clipper

In July, our house sitting adventure continued with an extended stay, our BBQ with the Wooden Boat Association, and I have continued making slow progress with the restoration of my Chas Roberts bicycle. Kevin continues his DIY work on Clipper. The winter has been cool here in Brisbane so we continue to rug up in our winter clothing. And we went on our first overnight stay on Clipper.

Our first overnight sail on Clipper

We had one weekend off between house sits so it was decided we would go for our

first overnight sail. We started at 5 am on a Saturday morning and arrived at the Sandhills in Moreton Bay about 12 hours later. The picture above is our morning departure out of the Brisbane River. There was a general lack of wind most of the way, Kevin jokes that we didn't sail we motored with the outboard. Just as well the outboard kept going. Kevin dealt with most of the sailing aspect, I cleaned the inside of the boat as I had the opportunity and splashed sea water over the deck to wash her down. While sailing Kevin took a look at the sides of the boat to see how much grime had latched on during our long stay on the swing mooring in Bulimba. Some of the grime was starting to come off with the movement of the hull through the water.

The Sandhills, Moreton Bay. Our first overnight on our 28ft bluewater wooden sailboat

It was lovely weather, in fact we had to be careful not to get sun-burnt. That means wearing long pants and long sleeved tops, sunscreen a hat and for me gloves. We reached our destination at the Sandhills in Moreton Bay just as the sun was starting to set, a beautiful sight for us.

The picture on the right was our evening anchor. This is the first time we have anchored over night, the concern was, would the boat pull the anchor and move while we were asleep. We checked two or three times before we went to bed and we were both happy that the boat was secured by the anchor. The sky was lovely and we could still see the lights of Brisbane before we went to bed. Kevin did a lovely evening meal of freshly crumbed chicken with vegetables. It was a little strange having our home with us in this way. But it was fun. It was quiet, and we always love playing with the phosphorescence that glowed in the water at night. Throw a bucket of sea water over the side and as it hits the water, see the spectacular colour show.

We didn't go ashore as we decided not to pull the tender behind us. We are yet to find a way we feel comfortable getting to shore, especially when shore is a significant distance. Clipper has a 2 meter draught so anchoring close to shore can be a bit challenging.

We woke early on the Sunday morning as we had to catch the incoming tide back into the Brisbane River. We had a little wind when we set off, but one and a half hours later the outboard was started again. There was simply no wind. Once again we motored our way back home. Kevin was disappointed, but we can't control nature. I plotted our course on the map, with the aid of the GPS and OpenCPN we have installed on my phone . It is very interesting to see how we were progressing on our journey back. Or not. At one stage we drifted back for half an hour before deciding to start the engine.

Kevin has been taking Clipper solo sailing on the Brisbane River while I am work. He has only had one close call on the river so far with a stationary vessel. He loves taking Clipper out and learning how she works, nothing beats practice on your own sail boat.

The DIY restoration of Clipper - our wooden sailboat

The cockpit rot has been removed and it is at least sealed from water. I think he has been improving the electrics as well.

Kevin's reputation for fixing engines

Kevin and James on Clipper

Kevin has fixed a generator and outboard motor that someone was going to throw away. We now use both of them. He has also fixed a generator and outboard motor for James, pictured right. Now he has another motor to fix for James. Kevin is amazing at problem solving and this doesn't just lend itself to motors. He has been studying Java programming and was dealing with an issue that everyone including the tutors were experiencing. With a little bit of poking and prodding he found the solution, an option somewhere in the settings that had to be turned off.

Renovation of my Chas Roberts

Chas Roberts restoration

During July, I started putting all my gear back on my Roberts. She is starting to look all shiny and new again. I have not replaced everything so the breaks, front derailleur and front chain rings have only been cleaned.

I will have to take my Roberts to Obsession Bikes in the city so they can deal with the cables. My Roberts is starting to take form and look beautiful again. Click here to see phase one and phase two of the renovation of my Chas Roberts bicycle.

Grocery expenses for July

We spent $455 on groceries for the month. This is the second month we have spent over $400, Kevin thinks items are getting more expensive or not as many items are on sale or reduced, or maybe the reduction price is not as low as it was. It is not a problem, our grocery bill is still low and we are very aware not to eat out unless we get value or it is a special occasion.

My spend for the month of July

Below is my graphic for May's monthly spending, not too bad still. Mum and dad did give me $1,000 toward the respray of my bike, this as not been counted in income or expenditure as it cancels itself out. I am happy with my spending so far. If you are interested in what I spent last year take a look at my article for spending in 2016, take a look at the Our Lifestyle page and click on the Articles area, you will need to register, but it is worth it.

How have you managed to be frugal this month?

Financial spent for June 2017