Living expense for August 2017

Chas Roberts custom bicycle

In August our house sitting adventure continued, this time in Bulimba. We went to the BBQ with the Wooden Boat Association. My Chas Roberts was on the final leg of its restoration. Kevin was also researching the hard stand options for Clipper, our liveaboard 28ft 50 year old wooden sailboat.

Kevin found a surprise on the boat, a carpet snake! Which he needed help to take to terraferma. Thanks Doug.

DIY renovation on Clipper of 28ft wooden sailboat - Rear of the boat and restoring wood

The renovations on Clipper are continuing, as do most renovations do on older boats.

Tilla, rear hatch and deck renovations

Last month Kevin worked on sealing the cockpit, making it water tight. Cosmetic and repair work still needs to be done around the cockpit surround. But there are no more leaks. Kevin decided that his next priority was the stern of the sailboat. Kevin wanted to repair this section prior to going on the hard stand. He removed the electrical through deck wiring and guard rail attachments on the aft before dealing with the rot which he found and replacing electrics in the area. With attachments removed from the deck he was able to paint and seal the wooden surface primer then deck paint. The boat is now sealed.

Kevin wanted to try some Norglass products we had seen demonstrated at the Wooden Boat Association BBQ. One product would bring wood back to its original colour the other was a timber oil. Norglass had demonstrated these products at the meeting and we were impressed and wanted to give them a go. Kevin purchased both products. He tried the tiller first as it was in reasonable condition and it worked well and was restored to a fairly good colour and then oiled.

Then he used paint stripper removing paint from the two rear hatch covers and restored them. The rear hatches are thick ply and don't look quite as good as the tiller, but the Norglass products have worked reasonably well. The next step is the mast which urgently needs to be oiled. We have decided to oil rather than use varnish, epoxy or paint. Oiling the mast will require me using a bosuns chair and going all the way to the top of the mast. Scary for me, yes. But it must be done and we won't be paying someone to do it.

Sewing - repairs to clothing and making a new boom sail cover for the boat

Sewing is an important part of looking good and allowing us to save on expensive items. This time I took the waist in on a pair of tip shop trousers, fixed Kevin's boat shorts and replaced a zipper on my mothers dress which is 50 years old. The dress is unique because of its age and I receive comments on how nice it is. I take the time to mend my vintage clothes because they make me feel special.

After a trip to Lincraft for a long dress zipper and being able to use my sewing machine at our Bulimba house all items have been fixed. And all at a cost of $5 for a zipper. I love sewing.

A new boom cover from a $5 bed sheet

The other item I had to sew was a boom cover for Clipper. The current cover was badly damaged from the sun. It was tearing and falling apart at a rapid rate. It was suggested I use an old sheet to make a new cover. Using the old boom cover as a template I cut the new one from a bed sheet I purchased from a charity shop for $5. I used some other pieces off the existing cover to make it more rigid, and hey presto, two days later we had a new boom cover. I don't know how long it will last in the sun, but it certainly looks much better than the old one.

Renovation of my Chas Roberts

Chas Roberts restoration

During September the remainder of my Roberts build process was completed. I am able to ride her again. I will see how she feels as I am sure there will be some bedding in. To see the renovation of my Chas Roberts click here to see the progress in phase one and phase two.

My Kona mountain bike and its maintenance requirements

My mountain bike has required work too. The rear cassette and chain needed replacing. I have started this process but it will have to wait until we are back at the boat before I can put the new chain on.

Every piece of machinery you have is always going to need some form of maintenance. For me, it is always fixing my bikes rather than to buy a car. Bikes for me are the most cost efficient way of getting around.

My spend for the month of August

Below is my graphic for my august financials and yearly spend. My bicycle has still been a cost, but that is slowing down now. We don't have a car until our December house sit so it is bicycle, public transport and boat until then to get us around.

If you are interested in what I spent last year take a look at my article for spending in 2016, take a look at the Our Lifestyle page and click on the Articles area, you will need to register, but it is worth it.

How have you managed to be frugal this month?

Financial spent for August 2017