Unwrapping the electric motor for our 28ft liveaboard sailboat

Electric motor from Thunderstruck for out liveaboard sailboat

Kevin just received the long awaited electric motor from Thunderstruck in the United States. Much time and research went into the purchase of the motor. Kevin did look at many options both Australian, British and Canadian. He found Thunderstruck has been in the EV (electric vehicle) since 1996. Thunderstruck had for us the best unit for the price. Price is a significant factor. Kevin didn't have tens of thousands to spend on a motor.

Kevin had ordered and received the gear reducer earlier in the year from Thunderstruck. Since then he has been saving for the motor. It was easy to deal with Thunderstruck, they are true professionals in their field, happy to answer any questions.

This has been no small research feat. Going solar electric for a sailboat is not necessarily possible for all vessels. Kevin did the number crunch multiple times and checked with Thunderstruck themselves before investing into the exercise.

We have eight, 12 volt, AGM batteries working as a battery bank for us. The weight of the batteries is almost half a tonne.This is a lot of weight for 28ft boat, but the boat does handle the weight well.

We will be writing more about the electric motor adventure as we go.

To see the unwrapping of electric motor click on our YouTube channel.