On the 24th October Clipper will sail off as an electric vehicle. See her launch in the morning.

Come and see Clipper launch on Wednesday morning around 9 am ish, we think, as an electric vehicle. Two and a half years of research and Clipper is about the get her electric motor. We are at Wynnum Manly marina slip way to do the installation. This will make her a sailboat EV (electric vehicle). Bringing Clipper a 50 year old wooden sailboat into the 21 century 2018.

We would be absolutely stocked for as many people as possible to come and watch her go back into the water.

During our time at the Manly Wynnum slip way, which is the best slip we have found in Queensland. We have gone through our yearly anti foul maintenance schedule. But this slipping is really all about the electric motor.

Come and join Kevin, as he launches Clipper as an EV. We do have our back up outboard but hoping we don't have to use it. We expect to launch from 9am onward at the slip way.