How to live for free

The other day I wondered how much we receive for free in our everyday lives. So I started to list the items and was surprising how well we do. Living for free, for me, means, that the activity itself doesn't cost. There are times where a membership fee is paid, but it pails into insignificance in relation to the benefits for the membership paid. I classify the benefits as free.

Whether it be DIY, hard rubbish of collect containers it is amazing what you can find for free.

The list will be missing items, but shows the concept. Getting items for free at the rate we do makes a big difference to out goings.

Watch our YouTube video as I describe our free lifestyle

Here is list of free activities and items:


  • Doing it yourself. This is by far the activity which gives us the most for free. With Kevin's skill in motors, problem solving and having the time to research and give things a go. Free item have an even greater value if we are able to fix them for free or very little cost.


  • HubSpot seminars – We learn how to use the internet for marketing, plus free pizza and wine

  • Brisbane state library, Game Changer series – Interesting lectures, often cheese and wine afterwards

  • For me, there are drinks and nibbles at the end of each month at work

  • Lunches at work with food

  • Mid year and end of year dinner at work – I get to dress up for the occasion with food and wine

  • Prizes from raffles - bottle of wine

  • Memberships - Wooden boat association Queensland, North Hamilton Men's shed


  • Free sailboat, well almost - The video for this is coming soon.

  • Sailing on someone else's boat

  • Custom built davit for the sailboat solar panels – Kevin found the aluminum at the men's shed, and had a professional welder at the men's shed weld for him

  • Aluminum – given to Kevin by a neighboring boaty. Men's shed used to cut the metal and weld it.

  • Fenders x 3 – floating on the Brisbane River

  • Sheet rope for the boat – give away section at the slipway we go to annually

  • Toolkit box - give away section at the slipway we go to annually

  • Chain - give away section at the slipway we go to annually

  • Outboard motor – it was going to be given to us for free. We decided to pay $50 for it

  • Generator – A boaty friend close by was going to throw it out. Kevin rescued it and fixed it

  • Fuel containers – which we don't use now the boat is an electric vessel

  • Traded some cleaning liquid for oil for the outboard motor

  • Quality kayak paddle used to hang the depth sounder off the aft of the boat - was floating on the Brisbane River

  • Hard rubbish – garbage bin for boat, bag for storage, glass pyrex measuring cup, wire scrubbing brush. Three glass espresso cups for Kevin to make his espresso coffee in, on the boat


  • Cycling to and from work and events

  • Walking or running – free and keeps me fit


  • Skincare samples from department stores

  • Perfume test strays

  • Beauty makeup session with Chanel. I looked lovely for my end of year work function that evening.

House sitting


  • $5 note – floating at the pontoon

  • Sunhat x 2 - picked up as someone had dropped them

  • Fox bicycle gloves - picked up as someone had dropped them

  • Rubber bands, plastic bags

  • Sewing and mending clothing. I have basic sewing skills, nothing amazing but it certainly helps.