Cycle touring Australia

Bicycle  -

Definately the best transport around

Mountain bike the Mawson trail 2014

We love our cycling, I cycle to work each day and on weekends we find it much easier to ride the bikes into town never needing to worry about parking, insurance, petrol or registration, just food to fuel us on our way. We have both owned bicycles for most of our lives. Our bicycles are of great quality and did cost quite alot when they were purchased. The trade off is that their use has now far outweighed their original cost.  I went to a financial adviser in Melbourne once and they asked me if I owned a car, my reply was 'no'. They told me I was saving a small fortune and I agree.

We frequently use our bikes for holidays and we fly them around the world in special purpose bike bags. Ground effects have bike bags that fold to the size of a telephone book, so you can take them with you on tour.

Sailing boat - Clipper

On January 23rd 2016 Kevin purchased Clipper an Alan Buchanan small classic wooden sailing boat which has circumnavigated the world twice. Kevin has been working on the boat since January getting it ready to voyage again.

To get to shore we row our tender, well we used to until we lost it when it was not tied properly to Clipper. Lesson, always have more than one tie off point. We have a new tender which I, Fiona, found on gumtree in 2019. Kevin then swapped a 9.9 HP outboard for a 4 HP. This motors the tender along nicely.  When we were on Magnetic Island we often saw travelers rowing to shore. The difference was the type of tender they used. Wood was preferred rather than an inflatable because of durability. However wood and metal bashes poor Clipper to pieces so an inflatable is the only option now.


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Walking along with cycling makes good economic sense. We walk to the shops and for recreation we take a wonder or go on a bush walk.


We have both owned cars, which served us well. My car was a subaru outback and it moved us from Katherine to Darwin to Magnetic Island to Brisbane. Unfortunately at the time of the most recent renewal too much work was needed and as Kevin was unable to complete the work I sold the vehicle. Do we miss it, not really. We are generally lucky enough to have loan vehicles on occasion if needed, or we can rent one. What we do love is we no longer have registration, maintenance and other costs associated with a car. We may eventually have a car again but for the moment we are happy as we are.

Public transport

We both use public transport and find it handy if we want to go somewhere where we need to dress up. For me, if I am a little tired I might cycle to work and catch the ferry home. It is still better than being stuck in traffic.


Travel by water gives us a visual perspective and access to remote locations we would get to no other way. This is what has really sparked my interest. I love trying something different and found kayaking. When travelling by car, foot or bike you are always on land. Kayaking by water is a completely different experience. After two trips for me around the Whitsundays I am eager for more. A hobie tandum was purchased in 2015 and recently sold, but we had great adventures on it during its six months with us.